XdH Inc., based in Toronto, Canada,  is an independent consulting company providing comprehensive marketing, technical and customer support services to regional airlines, aircraft brokers, leasing and financial institutions, and many others.

While providing services for most modern regional turboprop aircraft, our main expertize is in supporting de Havilland aircraft, primarily the of aircraft. Our activities include preparation of business plans, comparative analyses for aircraft selection and  fleet planning, aircraft technical, performance and economic evaluations, customer support, and development of aviation software.

Airline Marketing -
   n business plans development
   n service opportunity studies
   n fleet planning
   n route performance
   n cost, revenue and profit analysis
   n> competitive/comparative studies
   n> traffic analysis & forecasts
   n aircraft selections

Special Performance Analysis -
   n short & narrow runways
   n obstacle & net flight path analysis
   n high airport elevations

Technical -
   n aircraft technical evaluations
   n aircraft configurations and modifications
   n aircraft systems
   n aircraft documentation

Customer Support -
   n airline start-up project planning
   n operational, technical & economic evaluations
   n training programs

Customized Aviation Software -
   n route performance
   n economic analysis
   n route mapping applications

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Note: 'de Havilland' is a trademark of Bombardier Inc.      XdH Aviation Services Inc. does not represent, nor is associated in any way with either Bombardier Aerospace or its de Havilland Division.

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